Parcel: 简化DAO的加密货币资金管理

Parcel: 简化DAO的加密货币资金管理

DAOrayaki DAO 研究奖金池

资助地址: DAOrayaki.eth

投票进展:DAO Committee Yes

赏金总量:200 USD

研究种类:Parcel, Crypto Payroll, Batched Transactions, Swaps, Compound, Aave, Treasury management

贡献者:Jones ,黑白BQ,Daoctor @Daorayaki

启动时间和首次亮相:Parcel是在2020年Hack Money黑客马拉松上开发的,第一次迭代主要是在一次交易中向多个地址发送代币或gas。目前,对Parcel感兴趣的用户可以进入早期访问的等待名单。


一个基于Gnosis Safe、IPFS和Filecoin的端到端数据加密的无摩擦、自我托管的资金管理平台。Parcel的最终目标是给加密货币工资带来根本性改变。

I. 核心功能:

Parcel 是一种服务,允许用户一键交付多个交易。 换句话说,Parcel 允许用户在一次交易中将以太币或代币发送到多个地址。


它使用批量交易进行多次调用,因此通过调用不同的合约在哈希上运行一个完整的循环,它使用 Uniswap V2 集成在加密货币之间进行交换,特别是 DAI-ETH。



3. 一键式大规模支付--内置代币互换功能


4. 管理团队和人员——使用端到端数据加密


5. 收益优化 - 使用策略


6. 综合会计 - 无错误报告



l 支出限制。

l 社会密钥恢复。

l 保险。

l 委托信用额度。


Parcel是由Anubhav Girdhar创立的一个新鲜项目--Anubhav在2020年曾在Biconomy担任区块链开发人员,在2019年担任InstaDapp的后端开发人员。他在North-Eastern Hill 大学获得了工商管理硕士学位。Anubhav在twitter平台上被称为@0xDaichi。

- 推特账号:

III. 合约:


IV.   联系方式:

Official website:




Parcel: Simplifying Crypto Treasury Management for DAOs

DAOrayaki DAO Research Grant:

Fund Address: 0xCd7da526f5C943126fa9E6f63b7774fA89E88d71

Voting Result:DAO Committee Yes

Grant Amount:200 USDC

Category: Parcel, Crypto Payroll, Batched Transactions, Swaps, Compound, Aave, Treasury management

Contributor:Jones, 黑白BQ, DAOctor @Daorayaki

Launch time and first appearance: Parcel was developed at Hack Money Hackathon 2020, where the first iteration was focused on sending tokens or ether to multiple addresses in one transaction. For now, only the waitlist for early access is available for users which are interested in Parcel.

Brief Overview About Parcel

Parcel is simplifying crypto payroll and treasury management with built-in data privacy on top of Gnosis Safe, IPFS and Filecoin. Thus, the ultimate goal of Parcel is to bring a fundamental change in crypto payroll.

I. Parcel Core features:

Parcel is a service which allows users to deliver multiple transactions in one click. In other words, Parcel allows users to send ether or tokens to multiple addresses in one single transaction.

1.   How it works?

It uses batched transactions for multiple calls so there is a full loop running over a hash by calling different contracts, it uses Uniswap V2 intergration for swapping between crypto-currency specifically DAI-ETH.

2. Collaborative – multisig transactions

Frictionless collaboration in decision making with commenting and notifications for each transaction.

3.   1-click Mass payouts – with built-in token swaps

Running your payroll or paying to a group made easy with one click.

4.   Manage Teams & People – with end-to-end data encryption

Users data is private and secured in a trust less, verifiable and tamper proof system.

5.   Yield Optimisation – with strategies

Users can earn interest on their treasury with strategies that fit their needs.

6.   Integrated Accounting – for error free reporting

Users can easily export and sync transaction history with industry standard accounting tools.

In addition to these features, Parcel is planning to go further with various utilities for users to better manage the community treasury such as:

-       Spending Limits.

-       Social key Recovery.

-       Insurance.

-       Delegated Credit Line.

II.Team members:

Parcel is a fresh project founded by Anubhav Girdhar – Anubhav worked as a Blockchain Developer at Biconomy in 2020 and as a Back End Developer for InstaDapp in 2019. He received his Master degree in business Administration from North-Eastern Hill University. Anubhav is known as @0xDaichi on twitter platform.

-       Twitter Account:

III. Contract:

Parcel relies on smart contracts to accomplish its various task same as any other service or DAO and for that readers can find the contracts of Parcel under the following github repository:

IV.   Contact Information:

-       Official website:

-       Twitter:

-       Github:

-       Discord:



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