DAOrayaki Receives New Funding Round to Initiate Special Research and Reporting on Asteroid Mining

DAOrayaki, a decentralized media and research organization, has received new funding round to kick off research and report on asteroid mining. The funder is Dora Ventures[0]. Funded Research topics include space mineral resources, solar system planets and energy, space transportation, space manufacturing, and other related issues.

As a decentralized media and research DAO, DAOrayaki's various topics are freely curated and researched by community members. Such as DAO and governance infrastructures, zero-knowledge proof and Layer2, quantum computing, space immigration, and other frontier areas.

Dora Ventures[0] is the first venture capital arm of DoraHacks, started from 2019 to 2021. It stopped making profitable venture investments in the second half of 2021 after achieving significantly higher net worth growth than the industry Beta. As part of the Infinite Fund, all remaining cash and assets will not be distributed or withdrawn instead will be used to fund the global hackathon movement, research, and charity.


DAOrayaki is a decentralized media and research organization that is autonomous by readers, researchers, and funders.

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